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General sale and cancellation conditions

Réseau Ovation Inc. wants to make your life simpler by providing you with a simple, fast and efficient transactional website  and a mobile application (hereinafter collectively referred to “Ovation Transaction Services“ ).
 We hope it meets your expectations. 
Whether you use our transactional website or a mobile application that we developed, our sales and cancellation policies are the same. For simplicity’s sake, we identify our website and a mobile application collectively, even if you only use one of these tools to perform your transaction.

The purpose of these general sales and cancellation conditions is to inform you of the terms that govern any transaction on the Ovation Transaction Services. Your acceptance of the full conditions is required and the fact of making a transaction implies that you agree hereto. These general sales and cancellation conditions, as well as our general use conditions and our confidentiality policy, represent the full and complete agreement between you and Réseau Ovation Inc. It cancels all previous communications with you in any way and with any person, as the case may be. If you have any questions regarding these general sales and cancellation conditions, please contact us at the following Third-party service providers affected by your transaction (for example, the venue for the show for which you purchased a ticket, the hotel at which you made a reservation, etc.) may have their own sales policies, which are beyond our control. If necessary, please consult them before making your transaction and contact these third-party providers with any questions regarding their policies.

1. Parties to the contract

This agreement is between you and Réseau Ovation Inc.

2. Voluntary and informed consent

You acknowledge that you are of legal age and qualified to give free and enlightened consent for the purposes hereof. If applicable, you supervise minors who use the Ovation Transaction Services in your name or with your account.

3. Use and transfer of your personal and financial information

When you complete a transaction with us, you must provide us with personal and financial information. This information is transmitted to us securely and is managed in accordance with our confidentiality policy. Please refer to it to obtain the full details. You agree to our using and transferring this personal and financial information in accordance with this policy.

4. Prices, Internet sales fees, mail charges and discounts

Base price

Réseau Ovation Inc. sells third party services. The base prices shown on the Ovation Transaction Services for these services are, therefore, set by these service providers and beyond our control.

Fees per purchase method

Most of the services available on the Ovation Transaction Services are subject to an Internet service charge added on to the base price. These services can often be sold through various methods (for example, at the box office, by phone, etc.) and such additional charges may vary from one purchase method to another.

Delivery fees

Delivery fees may or may not be added depending on the chosen delivery method for your tickets (at the box office, by mail, etc.). Please note that the service providers, and not Réseau Ovation Inc., manage and are responsible for sending your tickets by mail in almost all cases. Your complete satisfaction is important to us and to achieve this, the Ovation Transaction Services stops offering mail delivery several days prior to the service delivery in order to allow a reasonable timeframe for service providers to send you your tickets so that you receive them on time. Should it be the service providers who send the tickets by mail, however, we do not have any control over the process in which they are sent, transferred, delivered or received and you agree to fully exclude our liability in this regard. Should there be any doubt concerning the delivery of your tickets, please contact the appropriate service provider(s) directly. In the event that Réseau Ovation does not deliver your tickets, you agree to release Réseau Ovation Inc. of all liability in this regard.

Price modification

Prices indicated for a given service may be modified over time. These price modifications are beyond our control. However, once you have completed a transaction, it remains in effect at the price listed at the time of said transaction.

5. Currency

Unless otherwise indicated, the prices listed are in Canadian dollars.

6. Form

You must fill out all fields of the reservation form. Online reservations are only made with accepted credit cards. Clearly indicate your name as it appears on the credit card.

7. Ticket availability

Réseau Ovation seeks to provide you with choice seats when you purchase your tickets, depending on their availability. However, we do not have full control over the inventory of tickets sold on the Ovation Transaction Services. Several purchase methods are usually available to you to purchase tickets (Internet, at the box office, by telephone, etc.). Said methods usually provide access to the same ticket inventories, although this is not always the case.  In addition, certain tickets may be reserved for particular clienteles, allocated to producers or others and are not necessarily available on our Website. Moreover, a promoter may, subsequent to your purchase, make new seats available, which were not available at the time of your purchase.

8. Opening act

Certain shows may have an opening act which differs from the main one. These opening acts are not necessarily mentioned in the show’s program and may be cancelled or modified without notice.

9. Transaction confirmation

Once you have completed your transaction, we will send you a transaction confirmation email. It is very important to track, open and read this email. If you have not received an email or cannot find it, it is your full responsibility to contact the service provider in question to ensure that your transaction was completed and recorded because we do not ensure any follow-up to this effect.  Therefore, you agree to exclude Réseau Ovation Inc. from any liability in this regard.

10. Approvals

Any reservation is subject to the approval of Réseau Ovation Inc. and of the financial institutions that issue accepted credit cards.

11. Exchange, refund or cancellation

Show, activity our event tickets

You must closely verify your choice of show, activity, event, tourist attraction, date and section before carrying out your transaction  as, unless otherwise indicated, no refund, exchange or cancellation will be allowed once your transaction is completed. You must also respect all COVID-19 regulations specified by public health officials. If any of the service providers listed in your transaction have sales and cancellation conditions other than those herein, they have the option of posting them on Ovation Transaction Services. Nevertheless, under all circumstances, Réseau Ovation reserves the right to refuse a request for an exchange, cancellation and/or refund.

It is possible that specific sales conditions have not been posted by a service provider on Ovation Transaction Services. You can then contact the appropriate show, activity or event promoter directly to learn about its conditions. The promoter should contact us directly to request an exchange, cancellation or refund.

At any time, Réseau Ovation reserves the right to refuse any request to exchange, cancel and/or refund.

Hotel, motel room, etc.

The refund, exchange and cancellation conditions vary depending on the providers. Please refer to the providers' specific conditions for more information.

For any question concerning these sales conditions, you can contact us

Réseau Ovation Inc.
2260 Demers, suite 240
Drummondville (Québec) Canada
J2B 0L1

Last update: September 20th, 2021