Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting your confidential information. Please read this section closely to find out how your information is collected, used and shared.

1. General terms

We commit ourselves to protect your personal information and keep you informed on their use, according to the conditions described hereafter.
The following privacy policy applies only to the data collected by the transactions on Réseau Ovation inc website and for the mobile applications produced directly by Ovation (hereinafter “Ovation Application”)

These privacy policy do not apply to other Web sites or mobile application which may be linked to Reseau Ovation inc website or any other related contact links with Reseau Ovation inc customers.

Anonymous informations and Personally identifiable information

Some information we collect are anonymous information, and others are Personally identifiable information.
The information are named Anonymous hereafter named ‘’General anonymous information’’ when they do not permit to personally identify you.
Examples: Demographic statistics, browsing history, browser type, etc.
The information are named “Personally identifiable information” when they permit to personally identify you. To obtain this information, those must be provided by you directly. Example: Your name, address phone number, postal code / zip code, email, financials information used to make the purchase. These are Personally identifiable information.

2. Anonymous information

2.1 Your IP address

Each time that you browse on Ovation Website or use an Ovation Application, we automatically collect your IP address identification. With your IP address, we can collect demographic statistics, browsing information on the Ovation website or Ovation Application and the previous website that you went before. This allows us to detect potential problems and optimize Réseau Ovation website and Ovation Application. This information remains anonymous as long as you do not provide us a financial and/or financial form. When you provide us a form like this, your IP address is linked with this trade in our database.

2.2 Temporarily cookies from allowed third parties

Temporary cookies allowed by Réseau Ovation inc. (hereafter named « Allowed third parties ») are installed on Réseau Ovation website and are used to let these Allowed third parties collect information for us and transfer it to us. This information is and remains anonymous.  We don’t use this information to identify you personally. These collected information are demographic, browsing, browser capacity, network attributes, traffic details and sources, online ads performance data gathering ones,  etc.
When our last update was made, the Allowed third parties were:
Google Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Yahoo! Inc.

We frequently try hard to update this Privacy policy. Nevertheless, it might happen that some new cookies from Allowed third parties have been installed since our last update. You can contact us to : if you want to have the updated list.

2.3 Use and sharing of Anonymous informations

Réseau Ovation inc. use Anonymous informations to optimize Ovation website and Ovation Application and to optimize its online ads campaigns.

The allowed third parties can use Anonymous information according to their own privacy policy. If you want to know more about the use of these informations by third parties, please refer to their privacy policy. Except for what is described in this Privacy policy, we don’t have any control on the use of these information  by third parties and on their privacy policy.

You allow us to share your Anonymous informations with third parties and you discharge us from any liability that we could have from their acts or omissions.

3. Personally identifiable informations

3.1 Personal informations

3.1.1 Personal informations collecting

Any personal information must be provided directly by you to give the possibility to obtain it.

3.1.2 Réseau Ovation temporarily cookies

Some temporarily cookies on Ovation website are installed in the purpose of allowing you to temporarily save the personal informations that you provide us. We do it to facilitate your browsing experience on Ovation website.

3.1.3 Use and sharing of personal information Overview

Personal information is used to perform transactions, to communicate with you, if necessary, regarding reserved services and to provide you with information (for example, answering your questions about your transaction, providing you with service provider contact information, etc.). It is transferred to the providers with whom your reservations apply. For example, if you reserve a concert ticket at a concert hall, we will transfer the personal information that you provided to us to that hall. If you reserve a hotel room, we will transfer the personal information that you provided to us to that hotel. E-mails about offers and promotions

Whenever a transaction is being made, you are being offered to subscribe to our newsletter so you can get e-mails about offers and promotions that may be of some interest to you. If you select this option, Réseau Ovation will then e-mail you buying offers and promotions about performances being available (our newsletter) and, in doing so, make this information accessible to the providers concerned by your transaction. The latter will then be able to send you communications in compliance with their own privacy policy. Had you omitted to select this option and later done nothing to change that, we will provide you with our newsletter for a period of 24 months. Afterwards, if you still have not opted in, we will cease to do so. Furthermore, know that at any time you may require from us that we stop sending you our newsletter either by clicking on the hyperlink intended for such purpose, sending us an e-mail or by calling us up. The providers may use your personal information according to their own privacy policy. If you want information about the use of your personal information by the service providers, you must contact them directly.
Except for what is otherwise described in this policy, we have no control over providers' practices with regard to information and their privacy policy. You authorize us to share your personal information with the providers involved and you accept our full non-liability with regard to their acts or omissions.

3.2 Financial informations

3.2.1 Financial information collecting

Any financial information must be provided directly by you for us to obtain it.

3.2.2 Use and sharing of your financial informations

The financial informations are used to verify your ability to pay for the services you wish to reserve, process payment for the services and products that you reserve and to facilitate the pick-up of your tickets, the confirmation of your access to the activity or an event, the access to the hotel room, etc.

The credit card informations are first transfered on a secure process to Moneris Solutions, a joint venture between RBC Royal Bank and BMO Bank of Montreal.
However, if your transaction involves one of Cavalia Inc.’s shows, this information is sent to First Data, a merchant services provider.
The merchant service related to your transaction can use your financial informations accordingly to their own privacy policy.  If you want to have more information regarding the use of your financial informations by Moneris Solutions, you must contact this company directly.
If your transaction includes lodging services (hotel, motel, etc.), financial information is also transmitted to the service providers with whom you have made reservations. The service providers can use your financial information in accordance with their own confidentiality policy. For information on how service providers use your financial information, please contact them directly.
Except as otherwise described in this policy, we have no control over the practices of merchants services providers, Moneris Solutions and First Data, with regards to information and their confidentiality policy.
You authorize us to share your financial information with the merchants services providers and other providers with whom you have made reservations, and you acknowledge that we are in no way liable for their actions or omissions.

4. Exceptions to the sharing of information

All of your information can be shared with third parties in the event that property or assets belonging to Réseau Ovation are transferred, that Réseau Ovation declares bankruptcy, or that a court hands down a ruling to this effect.

In respect with our policies, we have appointed a Cyber Security Officer, Karl Descheneaux, who oversees our compliance with applicable laws and regulations and our privacy practices.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, wish to exercise your rights, request the deletion of your data (at any time, under any circumstances), believe there is a problem with the management of your personal information, or have details concerning any suspected vulnerabilities, please contact us by e-mail at:

Réseau Ovation inc.
2260 rue Demers, bureau 240
Drummondville  QC Canada
J2B 0L1

Last update : February 10, 2023

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